Event Hire Furniture

A number of our products lend themselves to wedding hire or for functions. Fulford Wood has this range of products for hire, but we are also keen to do custom design to make your special day even more special, with arbors, signage, and props.

The prices for the hire are based upon 4 day hire, typically collected on a Friday and returned on the Monday.

At this point of time, we are only servicing the Southern Highlands of NSW, but we can look at other options for customers further afield. Our Plywood products are not waterproof and while we loved to see them used outside, they can’t be left out in the rain.

Fulford Wood, Shop for Australian Made Timber Furniture, Cafe Table

Café Table $20

Timber Bench Seat, Fulford Wood, Buy online

Half Bench Seat $15

Wooden Bench Seat, Fulford Wood, Buy online

Full Bench Seat $25

Hay Bale Seating, Fulford Wood, Buy online

Hay Bale Bench Seat $15

Fulford Wood, Shop for Australian Made Timber Furniture, Plywood Stool

Plywood Stool $15

Get in touch with your hire enquiry

How does the hire process work?

  • The total hire period for event hire furniture must not exceed FOUR DAYS.
  • We can help you arrange your transportation and delivery options during the quoting process.
  • Pickup collection and return is available between 9am-3pm Monday to Friday. Alternative times can be arranged at the time of quoting.
  • Whilst someone from our team will be on hand to prepare your order, it is the responsibility of the client to provide the labour to load into vehicles.
  • Depending on the event you might be better hiring a truck or van and doing all your pickups at one time.

Hire terms

  • We ask for 50% deposit at placement of order via EFTPOS and balance due in 14 days.
  • We will work with you on pick up and deliveries and will detail that on your quote.
  • At the time of pick up from us you are also accepting that you are completely responsible for picking up the items yourself.
  • When picking up the goods you must bring appropriate vehicles, ropes, tarpaulins and blankets and helping hands to load into your vehicle.
  • Fulford Wood is not liable for any damages or injury which occur during pickup or transport.
  • Our rental products must be treated with care. If we believe you are inadequately handling the pickup and transport we have the right to cancel the order on the spot.
  • We unfortunately don’t provide a a set-up service at your venue.
  • We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens and we will try and be as accommodating as possible in cancelling your order, but please note the 50% deposit is non-refundable in all situations.